Michael Douglas’ son thanks family for 'never giving up'

Rebekah Scanlan

Michael Douglas' troubled son Cameron has thanked his famous family for getting him through his "darkest days" after spending seven years in prison for drug offences.

The only child of the Fatal Attraction star and his ex-wife Diandra was released from prison in August 2016 but has just given his first interview.

Talking to the Mail Online he credited his dad and step-mum Catherine Zeta-Jones for "never giving up" on him, even when he nearly had his sentence doubled for selling prescription drugs to fellow inmates.

Cameron, seen here with his dad Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones last year, has thanked his family for supporting him through prison. Source: Getty

“My family never gave up on me, not for one second,” he told the publication, crediting Catherine in-particular for her perseverance.

"She never gives up on anything and she didn’t quit on me. The love of my family got me through my darkest days."

[[caption=Cameron here with his dad and grandad Kirk in 2003, spent many stints in rehab before going to jail. Source: Getty|size=O]]

Troubled Cameron became well-known for being the "black sheep" of the family, having numerous stints in rehab before finally getting busted in 2010 and ending up behind bars.

However he has since turned his life around, becoming a father to his daughter Lua Izzy with his Brazilian girlfriend Viviane Thibes who stood by him during his years inside.

Catherine has also been supporting her husband recently, after he was accused of sexual misconduct back in the 80s. Source: Getty

The 39-year-old also recalled how his grandfather – Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas – sent him at "two letters a month" when the 101-year-old became too frail for visits.

"I lived a nightmare for seven years but the love of my family never wavered," he said, crediting Catherine's "scrapper" personality.

Cameron, here in 2002 with his dad and grandad, has said he's a new man who wants to make his

"I finally have my priorities in the right order," Cameron added. "I want to make my family proud.”

Meanwhile, Michael, 73, himself has recently found himself circled in controversy after being accused of sexual misconduct back in the 80s by a former female employee, something he has said is a "complete lie."

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