Nasty feud erupts between Michael and Lindy Klim

Natasha Lee

Break-ups are never easy, but things have taken a rather nasty turn between Michael Klim and his ex-wife Linda.

The Olympian and his new love Desiree Deravi have accused the Balinese Princess of creating a fake social media account just so she could troll the couple.

Michael Klim and his new love Desiree Deravi. Source: Getty

The pair say Lindy created the account under the pseudonym ‘Jane Cross’ and has been writing nasty comments under Desiree’s pictures.

The drama reached boiling point after ‘Jane Cross’ commented on a picture Desiree had uploaded featuring Michael and Lindy’s two children.

The photo that sparked all the drama. Source: Instagram

The comment was later deleted but not before Michael and Desiree fired back with the message: ‘@j_cross1 we know it’s you @lindyklim so just stop with the trolling it’s pathetic you’re a grown women (sic) and stop being so disrespectful.’

User @thepudstar jumped to Lindy’s defence telling the couple “not to judge”.

Michael and Desiree fired back at one Instagram user who appeared to come to Lindy's defence. Source: Instagram

“Who cares who wrote the @j_cross1 post...the response was the same!! Pulls at heart strings seeing your own children posted on social media when it's out of your control!  @lindyklim #gorgeouskids #resilience #love #strength,” she wrote.

But the couple weren’t finished and fired back at the woman with Michael writing: “I’m sorry but I'm not sure you are in a position to comment not knowing the whole story! @desid cares and loves my children as they were her own and has all the right to post picture with them if she likes. We are lucky to have her in our lives…”

Michael and Lindy in happier times. Source: Getty

Desiree also took aim, flat-out accusing Lindy of trolling.

“@thepudstar if @michaelklim1 doesn't mind and he is their father and the children don't mind why should anyone else especially since @lindyklim has been blocked for trolling,” she wrote.

“I’m sure it pulled on @michaelklim1 heart strings when she sold a story to NW with the kids and her new fiancé. Let's get one thing straight, making a fake account and TROLLING is never ok and these comments are not the first. It's constant and inappropriate. Not mention the emails!”

Michael and Desiree in a sweet snap from her Instagram account. Source: Instagram

The @j_cross1 account has since been deleted.

The accusations just hours before Lindy’s announced she was expecting a baby with her new boyfriend, Adam Ellis.

The sweet photo Lindy posted to Instagram announcing her pregnancy. Source: Instagram

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The model took to Instagram to reveal she was 16 weeks pregnant with her fourth child, her first with the property developer.

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