TV host reveals why she won't name Hollywood abuser

Rebekah Scanlan

A former Today show reporter who claimed Patrick Swayze and Harvey Weinstein both assaulted her, has shared another story of abuse in Hollywood.

However Michele Mahone says she's been forced to keep this predator's name quiet in order to ensure she can still get work.

Talking on Studio 10 this morning, she opened up about about an interview she attended at a 'powerful' movie producer's home that resulted in her allegedly being assaulted.

Michele Mahone revealed she was assaulted more than once in Hollywood. Source: Facebook

But unlike when she named actor Swayze in an earlier claim, she revealed a heartbreaking reason why she couldn't never name this abuser.
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She previously identified Patrick Swayze as someone who assaulted her whilst at work. Source: Getty

"Something that I've never said publicly is my only child is disabled, and he lives in a hospital," she told host Sarah Harris. "Most likely he will for the balance of his life. And I need to work, because his care is very expensive."

It was her duty to care for her son that she said her hands were tied.

"I will not name this person because I would like my phone to ring," Michele said before adding how 'hard' the confession was for her as a 'private person'.

Harvey Weinstein is at the centre of the sex scandal that has rocked the movie world. Source: Getty

Throughout the live interview Michele discussed the showbiz industry in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein allegations, explaining it is rife with men abusing their positions of power to manipulate women.

During this particular incident where she says she was assaulted by the film producer, she revealed she was forced to use physical force to protect herself.

"Basically, he tried to put his hand up my shirt, and I slapped him," she said. "I've never hit anybody and I knew I was in a lot of trouble. It was a full-on fight to get out of his house."

The journalist opened up on Studio 10. Source: Ten

In the disturbing account, the mum-of-one managed to free herself and later broke down, confessing she was just 'trying' to get a job, she 'wasn't trying to be taken advantage of.'

In the last few weeks, the world has been horrified by the apparent seedy underworld of Tinsel Town after the continuing claims against Harvey Weinstein and other men in the business, continue to come to light.

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