Michelle's son already planking

Leah Cohen

Since celebrity personal trainers Michelle Bridges and husband Steve ‘Commando’ Willis welcomed Axel into the world, they’ve been smitten with the little bub.

Michelle, who founded the 12 Week Body Transformation program, has opened up about her one-year-old son and revealed he’s already following his parents’ fitness footsteps.

One-year-old Axel is already planking Mish says! Photo: Instagram
Axel is following in his mum's footsteps. Photo: Instagram

“He's already planking,” the 46-year-old told The Today Show this morning.

The Superfoods cookbook author revealed her blue-eyed boy also takes his scooter rides very seriously.

Axel takes his scooter rides very seriously. Photo: Instagram

“He's like the balanced Buddham,” she told Channel Nine hosts Lisa Wilkinson and Karl Stefanovic. “He takes it so seriously.”

“I can take him all the way down the street and back down again and he hasn’t moved. He loves it,” the proud mum said.

Axel watches his parents train daily. Photo: Instagram

Before gushing about her Axel’s impressive fitness skills, the brunette bombshell told the hosts she believes he is “the most gorgeous child that ever walked the face of the earth.”

It’s no surprise Axel - who turned one last December - is already a little gym gun, given he gets to absorb his parents workout sessions from the sidelines almost every day.

Mish carries Axel as a weight while she does stairs training. Photo: Instagram
No excuses for mum Mish! Photo: Instagram

Whether he’s strapped onto Mish’s back while she does stair training or sitting his his yellow inflatable duck watching his mum squat - Axel no doubt already has all the information he needs to kick start his fitness career.

Other times, Mish and Commando - who met while working together as trainers on The Biggest Loser - like to slot in a workout while Axel is taking his morning and afternoon naps.

The couple train together while Axel is napping. Photo: Instagram

On Sunday, Mish shared a video of the pair on their cardio equipment and captioned it: “While Axel was asleep, we dragged our rower and assault bike up onto the verandah! 10 mins row 10 mins bike.

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No doubt Axel will become one of Australia's top personal trainers, just like his parents. Photo: Instagram

“Unfortunately Axel woke up after I had done 4 rounds...(good boy Axe! I've trained you well) @commandosteve went on to do another 2 more rounds! Go babe!

“Just gettin it done anytime anyhow!” she wrote.

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