Millie Bobby Brown for Calvin Klein

Leah Cohen

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has made her modelling debut for Calvin Klein’s new fashion line Calvin Klein By Appointment 1-14.

The English actress caught the internet's attention this morning after Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons took to Instagram to reveal his 14-piece, made-to-measure collection for Calvin Klein.

Millie for Calvin Klein By Appointment 1-14. Photo: Instagram

The fashion label teased us with a few items from the new collection and the faces behind the completely new concept, which boasts that Calvin Klein is “No longer solely for celebrities, rather an open made-to-measure service” and is “not only about iconic underwear and jeans—it's about so much more,” captions on their Instagram account read.

Millie was one of five women shot modelling the new 1-14 collection and is pictured looking sharp with her signature boy cut and very grown up in made-to-measure red trousers and a unique white top with red, maroon and yellow fringes on it.

It’s hard to believe she’s only 12-years-old!

Millie knows how to work the camera! Photo: Getty Images

“A cast of distinct individuals brings the idea to life: Strength of character is key. Whether famous or unknown, all are treated equally,” Calvin Klein captioned Millie’s photo.

The star who plays Eleven in the Netflix series took to her Instagram account to share the exciting news with her fans.

“I am so honored to be a part of this,“ she wrote.

Model Lineisy Montero in one of the 14 made-to-measure garments. Photo: Instagram
Julia Nobis for CKBA 1-14. Photo: Instagram

Photographer Willy Vanderperre also shot Julia Nobis in a stunning white dress, Jamie Bochert in a floral top and matching pants, Abbey Lee Kershaw in a skirt inspired by the American flag and Lineisy Montero in a revealing purple velvet cheerleader inspired dress.

"Calvin Klein By Appointment 1-14 is very much about celebrating the American woman and American fashion," Calvin Klein COO Raf Simons wrote on Instagram.

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According to WWD, it appears as if the By Appointment collection is in fact couture, given Calvin Klein’s spring haute couture shows began today in Paris.

The 1-14 collection will be made entirely in New York and appointments open on April 1.

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