Beauty queen's solo dance sesh

Bianca Soldani

She may not have left with the crown, but Zoey Ivory has been winning hearts at the Miss Universe competition nevertheless.

The Miss Netherlands contestant was caught on camera bopping along to Beyoncé’s hit Single Ladies during a break in rehearsals.

The contestant danced like nobody was watching. Photo: Youtube

Dancing like nobody’s watching, it’s clear she knows all the moves and is just longing for one of the other girls to jump in formation with her.

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The clip of her dancing was uploaded on Facebook where it was shared over 40k times, while another person’s footage filmed from the rafters above the stage is also going nuts on YouTube.

In a sweet Instagram post shared after the finals, the beauty queen thanked everyone for their support and “all the sweet messages and love I'm still getting!”

She thanked her supporters in a sweet Insta post. Photo: Instagram

“The girl with the natural curls and tattoos who does crazy dances to ‘Single Ladies’ unfortunately didn't make it to the #Top13 of #MissUniverse. But I'll make the top of something else that comes on my path,” she wrote.

“This was not my destiny, but an experience I can add to my journey! Thanks everyone, keep loving yourself AND SEE YOU AT THE AFTERPARTYYYY”.

Unfortunately she failed to place inside the top 13. Photo: Instagram