MKR villain Tyson’s Uber shame

Josephine Rozenberg-Clarke

He hasn’t even set foot in the kitchen yet, but MKR’s Tyson is already shaping up to be this season’s biggest villain.

From his cold dismissal of Damo and Caz’s dishes in the premiere to his harsh critique of David and Betty’s efforts in episode two, the Queenslander has shown that he isn’t afraid to be brutally honest when it comes to food.

But when it comes to his life outside the show, the 26-year-old Uber driver is a little less forthcoming!

Tyson's teammate is his equally opinionated sister, Amy. Source: Channel Seven

With Tasmanian couple Damo and Caz joining the dinner table for the first time in episode two, the pair were clueless about their fellow contestants.

Bek tries to catch them up on what they missed in the initial small talk by making them go around the table and pick everyone’s professions.

When Damo tries to guess what Tyson does for a living, he remains silent.

Tyson shows off his resting smirk face. Source: Channel Seven

“I had you picked for a tradie,” Damo guesses, as Tyson simply shakes his head with a smirk, not offering any clues to his actual profession.

Super-friendly Damo was confused by Tyson's silence. Source: Channel Seven.

The other contestants are baffled at his secrecy, as some of them know that Tyson’s day job is working as an Uber driver - and all of them know that he doesn't usually hold back!

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Poor Damo remains in the dark, and says of his fellow contestant: “Old mysterio there, he’s not letting anything go!”

Tyson’s prickly demeanour probably makes for some pretty awkward Uber trips. Wonder what his rating is?

My Kitchen Rules airs at 7:30pm on Channel Seven.

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