MKR's Jordan: "I've got mummy issues"

Natasha Lee
Yahoo7 Entertainment

They are the pair to beat in My Kitchen Rules after winning over the judges and their fellow diners with their unique and homely Maltese-inspired menu.

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Now, mother and son duo Anna and Jordan have admitted their close knit relationship might seem a little strange to outsiders.

Aww, how cute are you two! Source: Sunrise

"I've got all kinds of mummy issues," a cheerful Jordan told Sunrise.

The adorable pair, who won fans across Australia last night with their deep appreciation for their heritage, put their strong bond down to a mutual love of food.

The pair during last night's show after learning their scores Source: Seven Network

"It’s just something Jordan and I share, this passion in the kitchen," Anna told Yahoo7 Entertainment. "We're very close. Jordan and I still go out dancing and things like that."

Jordan also praised his mum for being "cool" adding that he tells her "everything, even stuff I probably shouldn't".

The pair also jumped to the defense of MKR's super-villain Zana, calling her a "very honest person".

"She's not evil," Jordan said, " Gianni and Zana are probably our closest friends out of everyone. You will see as the show goes on, she is a very positive strong woman."

He continued: "Zana only wants you to do good always and she will raise herself up but will always raise everyone else up with her".

Last night saw Anna and Jordan shoot to the top of the leader board with a knockout score of 94 out of 100. Their success is still something the former Ms Malta runner-up is coming to terms with.

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"We did not expect a 10," Anna said referring to their epic main of rabbit pappardelle.

Jordan added: "You go in with intentions but you never really expect to accomplish what you set out to do and you see so many other teams and they have difficulties, so you think you will too."

You two are too cute! Source: Sunrise

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