MKR's Mitch and Laura don't want this team to win

Darren Cartwright
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Eliminated brother and sister duo Mitch and Laura will be cheering everyone but Carmine and Lauren to win My Kitchen Rules.


Mitch told AAP that the South Australian duo shunned the other teams on the days off between challenges and Sudden Death cook-offs.

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He said the camaraderie amongst the other top five teams was strong and they'd often spend their days off helping each other to learn and prepare for upcoming challenges.

However Carmine and Lauren kept their distance and never joined in.

"We made such good friends... we'd all be around at each other's place to help out and cooking together before Sudden Death eliminations and trying to help each other," Mitch said.

Carmine and Lauren. Source: Seven

"But we never cooked with them (Carmine and Lauren)."

Asked if he would prefer one of the other teams to win and not Lauren and Carmine, Mitch replied, "definitely".

"They kind of isolated themselves...not wanting to give away any of their own secrets, I'm guessing, and weren't interested in cooking with the rest of us."

Mitch and Laura placed fifth on the series after bowing out on Wednesday night.

It has left mother and son team Anna and Jordan, legal eagles Gianni and Zana, sisters Tasia and Gracia, and married pair Carmine and Lauren to fight out the semi-finals.

To their credit, Mitch and Laura, despite being in a precarious position after scoring only 60 points for their ultimate instant restaurant, did not deride any other team.

Nor did they score remarkably low to drag another team down.

"It was something we never wanted to do. We wanted to judge the food accurately and score fairly and just," he said.

"We weren't twisted by our situation and we wanted to stay friends with a lot of the teams and we didn't want to wish bad of them.

"The hardest thing was putting our friends aside to compete against them."

The 21 year old will return to complete his degree in paramedicine while Laura, 19, will chase her dream of being a chef or a cook.

As for the remaining finalists, Tasia and Gracia take on Gianni and Zana in Thursday's semi-final while Anna and Jordan are pitted against Lauren and Carmine in Monday's semi-final.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday.

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