MKR's Rachael's catty swipe at rivals Emma and Jess

Emma Shepherd

It seems the feud between rivals Rachael and Roula and the "surgery sisters" Emma and Jess is showing no signs of simmering down, with Rachael taking an extremely catty swipe at her opponents last night.

On Sunday night's episode for My Kitchen Rules things hit boiling point after Rachael decided to crash Emma And Jess' kitchen whilst the girls were cooking their mains, and suggested the fact they were serving cow wasn't a coincidence.

Already feeling the heat from serving a mediocre pumpkin ravioli entree, Rachael crashed their kitchen mid-service trying to put in a request for how her steak was cooked.

Jess and Emma were under the pump during last night's episode of MKR. Source: Seven
Emma and Jess were caught off guard when Rachael stormed in during their main meal prep. Source: Seven

"Now, with my eye fillet I like mine well done, can I put the request in?," Rachael said.

"I think you're killing it, it's ruining a really beautiful piece of meat, we'll take it on board," Emma replied.

But Rachael definitely wasn't happy with their failure to respond to her demand, telling the camera, "They're cooking cow, is that a coincidence?".


Much to Rachael's dismay, the botox sisters came out on top taking out the fourth position on the leaderboard leaving the Melbourne rivals Rachael and Roula at fifth place.

Fans were quick to jump the Emma and Jess' defense slamming Rachael for her behaviour.

To keep updated on this explosive MKR feud tune in tonight, 7:30pm on Channel Seven.

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