MKR's Sonya says Suong 'can't afford fine dining'

Olivia Morris

There has been no shortage of feuds on this year's My Kitchen Rules, but this fight between Sonya and Suong may be the most controversial one yet.

In a brand new promo, Suong admits she hasn't 'done much fine dining'.

And this only leads to rival Sonya taking a swipe at her competitor.

In a brand new promo, Suong admits she hasn't 'done much fine dining'. Source: Seven

"Thank god she doesn't go out fine dining, she wouldn't be able to afford it," the 34-year-old says in a piece-to-camera.

Something clearly goes down at the table as Suong addresses both Sonya and Hadil.

"You're talking to me like I'm stupid," Suong says. "Like, I don't do fine dining."

It seems Sonya's partner Hadil also gets involved in the fight.

Sonya took a swipe at Suong saying she 'wouldn't be able to afford' fine dining. Source: Seven

"That just shows how superior our palettes are and how inferior theirs are," Hadil says in a piece-to-camera.

The next thing we see is Hadil storming out from the dinner party.

Some have taken to Twitter to slam Sonya and Hadil over their comments.

The pair have since posted a message to Suong on Instagram.

The pair have posted a message to Suong on Instagram. Source: Instagram / sonyahadilau

"We both love this country and would give the clothes off our backs to help others," the post reads. "We have a tremendous amount of respect for @kimsuongau as immigrant families ourselves and have struggled through a large part of our lives.

"We grew up in housing commission homes and today we work hard to help pay off our parents mortgages and help them where we can for their hard work in raising us," she continued.

They put the argument down to saying 'things in the heat of the moment'.

MKR is on tonight and tomorrow at 7.30pm and on Sunday at 7.00pm.

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