MKR's Zana: "I never realised how unattractive I looked"

Natasha Lee
Yahoo7 Entertainment

My Kitchen Rules resident rubber-faced villain Zana, has revealed she never realised just how many strange facial expressions she pulled until watching the show.

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Speaking with The Morning Show's Larry Emdur and Angela Cox, the 24-year-old solicitor revealed she's aware how divisive her character can be.

"You either hate me or you love me," she said. "But I’m always going to be honest with you, I’m never going to lie to you and I’m just a straight up person".

Her husband, fellow solicitor Gianni, 28, said he's told his wife about her strange facial expressions many times during their marriage but she "never believed" him.

"She didn’t realize those faces she pulled until she was on the show. I’ve been telling her about it for years," he said.

Zana agreed, adding: "I never believed him I guess, but I’ve seen how unattractive I can look on TV.. but that’s OK".

The competitive couple, who've made it into the show's final four, also revealed which them they think is the Dark Horse of the competition.

"Carmine and Lauren," Zana said.

"They’ve done really well to get to this spot and I think they really proved themselves at the ultimate which really impressed us because we value people that work hard."

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