Model nearly dies trying to look like Barbie

Bianca Soldani

Amanda Ahola started saving for plastic surgery at age 16 after becoming obsessed with the ‘fake’ beauty look.

Five years on and four separate surgeries later, she’s achieved a 30GG cup cleavage and Barbie-like looks, but it’s cost her a lot more than the AU$35,000 she spent going under the knife.

The 21-year-old from Jyväskylä, Finland, almost died after her latest breast augmentation when she suffered a seizure and swelling on the brain.

Amanda nearly died from complications after her third breast augmentation. Photo: Barcroft

“I don’t really remember [what happened],” she says, “I have little flashbacks of going into the surgery room and then I remember waking up in a hospital bed.”

She remembers her boyfriend and mum standing over her and asking if she recognised them.

“I was like, yes of course I remember you, and they were like, well, you didn’t yesterday."

She's always been attracted to the fake, doll look. Photo: Instagram/angelbunniex

Amanda ended up needing to stay in hospital for a week and she now says her surgery days are over.

She had gone in for her third breast augmentation which was partially paid for by a sugar daddy who approached her via Instagram.

Amanda says she had been aggressively saving for the surgeries through her work as a webcam girl and Instagram model. You can watch more of her surgery journey in the video above.

This is Amanda as a young girl. Photo: Barcroft

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