Model has six-pack abs at four months pregnant, stuns the internet

At 19 weeks pregnant, fitness model Massy “Mankofit” Arias decided to post a couple of exposed-belly selfies on Instagram and ended up sharing some serious pregnancy inspo.

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In just six days, the post has received 54,500 likes. And it’s not just because her 2.1 million fanbase is ecstatic for the mum-to-be. It’s also because her intensely toned body does not look it’s growing a baby, but rather digesting a supersized burrito. The 27-year-old’s six-pack abs are still totally intact and her fans are in a state of shock that someone can look this ripped while carrying.

Massy has been documenting her pregnancy for her 2.1 million Instagram followers. Photo: Instagram/massy.arias

“Happy Thursday loves from #DC Princess Harper turning 18 weeks today, and I got the linea negra this week. Did a quick workout at the hotel room, will edit and post tomorrow for you all. How’s everyone doing today? I can’t wait to go back home and get back to work!” Arias captioned the pic. Almost 1,500 comments express emotions across the board.

Some were confused. “Um, where’s the baby belly?” one fan wrote. “Sweetheart are you pregnant?” quipped another fan.

Massy posted another pic later that week, showing off her still-flat stomach. Photo: Instagram/massy.arias

Then there were the people who had all the shock and respect. “That is the most fit 18-week belly I’ve ever seen,” one wrote. “I don’t see anything at all…. Gosh yes….body goals when I get prego,” another shared. “Her abs are so rock hard. I can’t wait to see how she looks much further along.”

Massy was rocking a bikini in Hawaii with her baby daddy just last week. Photo: Instagram/massy.arias

And, of course, some women couldn’t help but compare themselves to Arias’ enviable maternity physique. “I had no idea she was pregnant her body is still 927428468346782 times better than mine,” one person joked. “Your pregnant stomach looks like my non-pregnant stomach on a good day,” another added.

So how are six-pack abs even possible during pregnancy? Shape explained the phenomenon after another pregnant woman, 30-year-old lingerie model Sarah Stage, also shared her insanely toned pregnant body on Instagram last year.

“There’s no obvious explanation. This is not what normal pregnancy looks like at 34 weeks,” Alyssa Dweck, MD, and co-author of V Is for Vagina, told the publication, adding that well-defined abs are not necessarily unhealthy.

Showing off her body at 18 weeks pregnant, Massy is still working out and staying healthy. Photo: Instagram/massy.arias

“Some women don’t show. The rectus muscles might be so well-defined that they’re masking [a pregnant woman’s] growing,” Dweck explained. Other factors include a woman’s pelvic bone structure, the way the baby is facing, the size of the baby, and the amount of fluid around the baby, she added.

- Kristine Solomon

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