Body-positive model struts through Time Square in lingerie

Sabrina Rojas Weiss

Which of these is one of your recurring anxiety dreams: Walking in the middle of Times Square and realising you’re only in your underwear, or having your racy photos surface online for everyone to see?

Body-positive model Khrystyana, just made it her job to do both.

“To think I let so many strangers see my body, my, what some call ‘flaws’ … it was not easy … yet there is a sense of relief, that everything is OKAY within this body that carries cellulite, rolls, stretch marks, lines,” she wrote on Instagram.

Khrystyana is all about body positivity. Photo: Instagram

“This body CAN wear them with loving confidence!”

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Anyone who has been to Times Square might wonder what she was so nervous about. What with the Naked Cowboy, the “desnuda” painted ladies, and all the other weirdos of New York City, this should be one of the most comfortable places in the country in which to strip down.

In 2013, about 800 people gathered in Times Square to try to break the world record for most number of people in nothing but undies (they failed). Even Michael Keaton strutted past the Elmos and tourists in his briefs there (for a scene in 2015’s Birdman).

The model faced her fears. Photo: Instagram

Still, for Khrystyana, it’s one thing to bare all in front of a camera, even knowing she has nearly 37,000 Instagram followers, and apparently something else entirely to do it in person.

She thanked her followers for lending moral support before she made this video earlier this week, when the weather was warm enough to make her walk a little more comfortable.

In true New York manner, most bystanders seemed give her nothing more than a curious glance or two before going on with their business. They missed a good show.

She's not camera shy. Photo: Instagram

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