Model speaks out after stretch mark Photoshop controversy

Allison Yee

They’ve become so celebrated there’s even a trend for glitter stripes, but one UK company has been accused of taking our newfound love for stretch marks a little too far by Photoshopping them onto a model.

Missguided came under fire earlier this month when they featured 20-year-old Canadian model Amanda rocking high-cut bikini bottoms and showing off her stretch marks.

Despite claims by some who believed the company had added the stretch marks on, Amanda has now spoken out in support of the brand.

Photoshopped or real? You be the judge. Photo: Instagram

"I'd like to speak out and let everyone know the stretch marks shown in my images on Missguided are real,” model Amanda said via the company’s Instagram page

“I think it's really positive that Missguided aren't photshopping them out - it's important to show young women it's not about striving for perfection, it's okay to have stretch marks - there's nothing wrong with having them, we all do, and shouldn't be something that's covered up."

Model Amanda has spoken out, slamming claims the company added the marks to her photos. Photo: Instagram

Despite this, some still aren’t buying it – and are calling fake.

“I’m all for body positivity and stretch marks but your ‘original’ image is clearly photoshopped,” wrote one user. “The left hand side doesn’t follow the natural curve like it should.”

“The left side looks pixelated by the side of her thigh and they say it’s not edited,” added another.

“They should think we are stupid,” slammed another non-believer. “This picture is edited... I’m a photographer and I can see it so easy.”

With Missguided’s latest campaign celebrating body diversity, others are applauding the company for featuring women of all appearances.

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