Most regretted baby names of 2017

Allison Yee

It’s something parents can agonise over for days, and a new study has revealed that 18 percent of mums regret the name they choose when welcoming their bundle of joy.

According to a survey by Mumsnet which examined 1300 new parents, the regret tends to happen within the first six weeks.

The reason most parents gave?

The pressure over baby names has increased in recent years. Photo: Getty

The name they chose was too common, or they didn’t actually like the name to begin with and felt “pressured” to use it – especially when it comes to traditional family names.

Despite this, only one in 50 parents regret the name that much, they decide to actually change it.

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Mummy blogger Sophie Cachia was one parent who decided to change her bub’s name, admitting she and husband Jaryd “f**ked up” by naming their daughter Betty.

The Young Mummy blogger welcomed her daughter in January, but two weeks later changed her name to Florence.

Mummy blogger Sophie changed the name of her daughter after two weeks. Photo: Instagram

“Mum was all drugged up and hormonal and started to doubt [the] name as soon as she was born,” Sophie told her Instagram followers.

“Apparently this s**t happens to parents all the time, but sucked in to mum because she unfortunately has to inform over 250k people #spewing.”

Baby girl name regret

• Amelia
• Anne
• Charlotte
• Elsa
• Emily
• Jayne
• Lily
• Louise
• May
• Megan
• Ruby
• Sally

Baby boy name regret

• Alex
• Anthony
• Daniel
• Frederick
• Jack
• Jacob
• James
• Jay
• Joseph
• Oscar
• Thomas

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