Multiple Arrests Made in Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery

Yahoo! NZ

Arrests have been made in the infamous Paris robbery of Kim Kardashian West where she was bound, gagged, held at gunpoint, and robbed of $10.5 million worth of jewelry. As for the arrest, 17 people have been handcuffed by the cops, most with a history of armed robbery. The leads came when DNA evidence was found on the scene, which matched a culprit with specific criminal history in the French database. Interesting note, the oldest person in the list of arrests is 72-years-old with an average age of 55, including several women. For those who believe the Paris robbery was in fact not a true story, this a story that hurts that argument. After staying out of the spotlight for months, Kim has since returned to social media, posting family photos and home movies. The Kardashian clan returns to E! this March.