Chemist accuses mum of ‘tampering’ with baby formula

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A furious mum claims she was accused of ‘tampering’ with baby formula after she tried to return it to the chemist.

The woman took to Facebook group The Official Earlwood 2206, to rant about the shop after she mistakenly bought thee tins of the wrong formula, which cost her $80.

She failed to notice at the till when she was paying but when she got home she realised the formula she had purchased was for a different age stage.

A mum is outraged after she claims she was accused of 'tampering' with baby formula she tried to return to a chemist. Photo: Getty Images

“We planned to make a trip back that afternoon however soon after we arrived my elderly father suddenly became ill and had to be rushed to hospital,” she wrote.

Less than one week later she tried to return the product but was ‘rudely spoken to by the pharmacist in charge’.

“She was abrupt, condescending and told us the policy is ‘no returns on formula’,” she said.

“I am not in the habit of making a mistake in purchasing and asked her whether this was in writing displayed in the store, to which she replied, ‘it’s on the receipt’.”

The woman claims she never received a receipt and when she was questioned about this, she told the assistant to check the CCTV cameras.

She claims she brought the formula back less than one week after she purchased it but the staff were 'rude'. Photo: Facebook/The Official Earlwood 2206

“Somehow the conversation then escalated and she began accusing us of tampering with the formula, insinuating that why else would we have waited one week to return the product,” the woman said.

“I was very shocked at this statement and told her she was being rude.”

When the woman told the pharmacist that the reason they hadn’t returned the formula earlier was because her father had been hospitalised, she claims she got the answer: ‘That’s not my problem’.

Needless to say the woman was livid over the ‘rudeness and bad customer service’.

“I couldn’t care less about the $80 but it is the principle of the matter,” she said.

“The other store staff were all within earshot of this conversation and not one person apologized or tried to intervene.”

She said when she inquired about a complaint process the store manager told her that they don’t have one.

Be has contacted the chemist for comment.

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