Mum asks internet for advice after son catches her having sex

Sarah Carty

It's one of every parent's worst nightmares but one mother has asked the people of the internet for their help after her seven-year-old son walked in on her and her husband having sex.

The embarrassing moment, which happened after the couple got "a bit drunk", hasn't just stayed between the four walls of th house however and since the young boy caught his parents in the act, he's been shouting about the loud noises his mother makes to anyone who will listen, leading her to desperately seek guidance.

The mother, who goes by the name 'docomein' took to parents forum Mumsnet in the hope of putting an end to her son blabbing about what he saw.

A mother has asked for advice after her son walked in on her and her husband having sex. Photo: Getty Images.

"DS who is 7 walked in on us in the middle of the night and caught us at it. DH saw him straight away, was right at the point of delivery, DS must have seen a couple of seconds worth though," the concerned mum wrote.

"This morning he saw the neighbour and told her all about it, including a rendition of the funny noises mummy was making which apparently were so loud they woke him up.

"We were a bit drunk, had just sent the babysitter home. I checked on him in his room and he was sound asleep, closed door.

"How can I stop him telling everyone?"

In true forum fashion, the responses she got were hilarious, with many offering sound advice and others relaying their own horrific stories.

"Just be thankful you were in the missionary position and not doing doggy style. That would have been far worse," one commenter said.

"If it helps you, my friend and her husband only realised her four-year-old had come into the room mid-shag when he suddenly yelled: ‘Faster daddy, faster’," another added.

"It could be worse. When I was a nanny, a child told me that daddy had a great big caterpillar that wobbles when he walks," a former nanny hilariously wrote.

"Our 7 year old heard us having sex the other night, he was in his room but his door was open. He shouted to us "are you two bouncing on the bed? Can I play?" EEEK," another person said.

Others offered up sympathy to the mother and dished out their own advice.

"I'd tell him that Mummy and Daddy were having private time and that he shouldn't tell other people about it. Or tell him the truth about what you were doing and explain that he shouldn't tell people," one person said.

"I'm not sure why you want To stop him telling people, there is a very slim chance he will mention it again, and it's only sex? I mean seriously there is nothing bad about having sex, I'm sure most people would not give it a second thought after hearing a couple had sex, with each other," another commenter said.

"Just tell him that you had sex and that it is private, and one doesn't talk about it in public ... and also watching is a no-go. If he asks for details you can explain more, if he doesn't, well, he can remain as ignorant as he wants. You have a child, people already know that you have sex, so ... no big deal," another person said.

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