Mum blasts 'selfish' friends for not buying toddler Marilyn Manson tickets

Eliza Velk

While most children enjoy bopping along to the classic, ‘Wheels on the us go round and round,’ this young toddler has developed a more – let’s say, mature - taste in music.

2-year-old Ariel's 'artist of choice' is none other than the controversial, shock rocker, Marilyn Manson, known for X-rated acts and previously being arrested for urinating on crowds.

Yet, little Ariel is so much of a fan that her parents created a GoFundMe page in hopes to raise the necessary US$600 for VIP tickets and a private booth to keep her safe.

Unlike most other toddlers, 2-year-old Ariel's artist of choice is the controversial, shock rocker Marilyn Manson. Source: Getty

“At such a young age (two years old) my daughter has developed her first feelings of being a fan.” Her father wrote on the page, describing it as ‘the cutest thing’.

“She's always asked to listen to Marilyn Manson, even saying please. She sometimes hums along to the music; she has even said she wants to play the drums for Marilyn Manson," It read.

Her father added an image of young Ariel looking captivated as she watches Marilyn Manson on TV. Source: GoFundMe

Her father went on to explain how Ariel's love of musician came from her mothers influence, and that Ariel became a fan after attending her first Marilyn concert ‘In the womb’.

"My ask is to help us bring our daughter to the Marilyn Manson concert Jan 31 2018 at the Myth...I would love for her to see him live,” yet said he “Can't afford to pay for three VIP tickets to keep her safe in a private booth."

The original GoFundMe page plea for donations so the family could purchase US$600 VIP tickets. Source: GoFundMe

Despite their plea, it seems friends and family weren’t exactly enthusiastic about donating, sparking fury from Ariel’s mother on Facebook.

A screenshot posted to Reddit by an acquaintance shows the ‘disgusted’ mother lashing out at the "f***ing selfish" friends who hadn't donated to the page.

"I'm so grateful for the cash we have received for Ari to see Marilyn Manson, but to see that no one has done anything on GoFundMe is just frustrating," her post reads.

"Why the f*** are you guys so f***ing selfish? Ariel's comments get 'likes', people comment on how cute she is ... but not one of you has made an effort to make this happen for her."

A screenshot of the mother's Facebook post reveals her fury towards 'f***ing selfish' friends who didn't donate. Source: Reddit

She continued saying, “This s**t isn't even for me really, I've seen him [five times]. This s**t is for Ariel."

What seemed to bother people most is not so much the controversial artist choice, rather the parents display of entitlement to concert donations and the vicious attacks towards friends when they didn’t provide for them.

Either way, in a twist of events, the original poster revealed that the mother ended up taking her boyfriend instead because her daughter was 'cranky and acting up.'

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