Mum claims hospital staff left epidural needle stuck in her spine for 14 years

Sarah Carty

A mum has spoken out about the agonising pain she endures daily, after she claims hospital staff left a broken epidural needle in her back for 14 years.

Mum-of-six Amy Bright, is now taking legal action against the hospital, after a scan revealed last year that the pain she was feeling down her leg was actually being caused by a fragmented needle in her back – and she may have to live with it forever.

“It feels like fire, like a poker next to my tailbone,” Amy told First Coast News.

A mum is suing a hospital after claiming they left a needle lodged in her back for 14 years. Photo: First Coast News
Amy Bright gave birth to her sixth child in 2003 and claims she has been in pain ever since. Photo: First Coast News

Amy went on to say that every year the pain “just gets worse” and has been like that since her youngest son Jacob came into the world by C-section in 2003.

Last year she went for a CT scan in Texas, where doctors discovered the top piece of the needle in her back.

Amy claims she was shocked, as she never thought that could have been the reason why she has been in pain for the past 14 years.

A CT scan carried out by doctors in Texas showed Amy she had a needle lodged in her back. Photo: First Coast News

It’s also been claimed that because the needle has been lodged in her spine for so long, removing it would cause far too much damage.

This means that it’s highly likely Amy will have to live with the pain for the rest of her life – which will allegedly only get worse.

Speaking to First Coast News Amy's attorney, Sean Cronin, claims he couldn’t believe her case when it was presented to him.

“I’m speechless that this was not disclosed to this woman,” he said.

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