Mum finds 'latex glove' in supermarket milk

Sarah Carty

When you buy a bottle of milk from the supermarket, the last thing you would ever expect to be at the bottom of it is a latex glove.

But that’s what Oxfordshire mum Paige Brian claims she found when she got to the end of her Tesco semi-skimmed milk.

The shocked and appalled mum immediately took to Facebook to blast the supermarket, after her two-year-old son had been drinking from it.

A mum claims she found a blue latex glove in a bottle of milk from Tesco. Photo: Facebook/Tesco

“Well Tesco would you like to tell me why I have a blue glove in my milk?” she stated the scathing post.

“Me, my partner and my 2-year-old son have been drinking from this.

“When I got to the bottom I noticed something floating and it was a blue glove.”

She went on to say that she’s ‘horrified’ and claims the lid of the bottle was sealed when she purchased it.

“It’s safe to say I will be lettering everyone know and I won’t be buying from you again,” she finished the post.

Tesco replied asking for the mum to email them and bring the bottle back to the branch she bought it from so it could be investigated.

"We have robust food quality processes in place and take great care to ensure that our products are of the highest standards, so are concerned to hear of this incident," a spokesperson for The Sun said.

"We have asked Paige to return the product to store so we can urgently investigate with our supplier how this may have happened."

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