Mum contracts flesh eating bacteria after ocean swim

Bianca Soldani

WARNING: Graphic images

A relaxing beach holiday has turned into a nightmare for a mother in the US, after she contracted a horrific flesh-eating bacteria.

Bonita Fetterman, 60, had to be airlifted to hospital and was admitted to Intensive Care after a cut on her leg broke out in painful blisters.

In a Facebook post shared earlier this week, her daughter Marsha writes, “Please remember my Mama, Bonita Fetterman in prayer.

Marsha posted this photo of her mum's leg. Photo: Facebook

“She's now in ICU, heavily sedated, and on a breathing machine. However, she is stable!

“She came in contact with a life threating flesh eating bacteria after putting her feet in the water at Myrtle Beach! Surgery is the only option until it is completely cut away from her leg!”

Marsha later clarified that her mum had cut her leg on a chair before spending time in the water over the next few days.

Bonita had to be airlifted to hospital. Photo: Facebook

The post quickly went viral with over 99K shares, as people began questioning the water quality at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.

Myrtle Beach city government have since issued their own statement on Facebook saying they are “aware of a Facebook post that claims bacterial issues along the Grand Strand. We have had no reports and no direct contact about any such issues.

“Our ocean water quality is tested twice weekly, with excellent results. If we can determine where such contact may have occurred, we can order additional water quality tests to determine whether any connection exists.”

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