Mum’s hilarious photos of life with kids are so relatable

Bianca Soldani

There are very few things that will change your life as much as starting a family.

So many new challenges, trials and joys come with becoming a mum or dad, and as any parent knows, there are no shortage of sacrifices that need to be made.

Mum of triplets Desiree Fortin, sums it up perfectly in a hilarious photo series that shows the humorous side of all the things she’s had to give up since having kids.

Desiree's life was turned upside down when she delivered triplets. Photo: Instagram/thefortintrio
Who has time for razors? Photo: Instagram/thefortintrio

Shared to her 30K Instagram followers, the series is titled ‘RIP mum truths’ and aims to reassure mums that they’re not alone in missing the way things were before children.

“I decided to do this series because I wanted to bring something honest yet funny to motherhood,” Desiree tells Be.

Sleep is something all parents wish they had more of. Photo: Instagram/thefortintrio
And a little quiet time to go to the loo wouldn't be bad either. Photo: Instagram/thefortintrio

“I wanted mums to know that while we wouldn’t trade this mum life for the world, it’s okay to miss our pre-mum life, pre-mum bodies, and everything in between.

With three bubs running around, Desiree certainly has her hands full, and her images show her missing everything from sleep, to shaved legs, and even sexy undies.

It's the most relatable thing you'll see today.

Personal beauty often goes out the window. Photo: Instagram/thefortintrio
Any you can forget that sexy lingerie. Photo: Instagram/thefortintrio