'Say ahh...': Video appears to show mum removing finger nails from son's mouth

If you’ve ever been told to stop biting your fingernails you’ll soon have an extra reason to kick the habit.

Stomach-churning video has emerged of a mum reportedly removing 27 fingernails from her son’s mouth.

Sara Guidry of Louisiana posted the video on Facebook after making the discovery with a pair of tweezers.

Ms Guidry reportedly found 27 nails in Kale's mouth. Source: Facebook

She said she decided to fish around in her son Kale’s mouth when she noticed something white in his gums.

“It looked like a finger nail,” she said.

“I continued to pull four more out.

The mum said she first noticed something white in her son's gums. Source: Facebook

“I then search his mouth and find another area.”

Ms Guidry said her son had been biting his nails and playing with them in his mouth.

“The nail penetrates the skin and goes into a pocket between the baby teeth and permanent teeth,” she said.

North Sydney Dental’s David Jones told Kidspot he had never heard of anything like it and found it bizarre the nails were stuck in the gums instead of between the teeth.

“It possibly could happen with loose teeth but that would be just as hard because the gum is pretty firm - it has to be because it’s the only place in the body that a bone is sticking out of it,” he said.

However, some social media users have questioned the clip's authenticity, and Mr Jones thinks they might be onto something.

The Sydney dentist said it could be possible the pair were playing a prank and questioned why Kale had never complained about the nails.

“Understandably, children don’t even tolerate a hole in their tooth,” he said.

Ms Guidry's video has been shared more than 134,000 times since it was posted.

"Don't let your children bite their nails!" she said.