Mum shocked to find beef and pork listed in Woolies cake ingredients

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A concerned mum has expressed her shock after finding pork and beef gelatin listed in the ingredients section of her Woolworths cake.

She took to a mum’s group on Facebook to post a picture of the Orange & Poppy Seed cake and a snap of the ingredients list, which showed gelatin (pork, beef).

“Who would have though a ‘refreshing orange and poppy seed cake would contain PORK & BEEF gelatine?? Eeewwww,” she wrote online.

A mum made a shocking discovery about her Woolworths cake. Photo: Facebook

Within hours her post had already been commented on over 80 times, with some people completely taken aback at the inclusion of an animal product and others not surprised at all.

“That’s what gelatins made from. That’s what gives it the characteristic wobble,” one person said.

“Lots of different cakes contain gelatin and it will be either made from animal or plant based,” another mum wrote on the long thread.

According to PETA, gelatin is made from boiling “skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones with water” and is usually obtained from both pigs and cows.

And if you though it was only cake gelatin is used for, then think again, because the wobbly stuff also shows up in shampoos, skincare items, puddings, jelly and gummy bears.

She posted a picture of the ingredients to Facebook. Photo: Facebook

PETA recommends replacing gelatin with agar-agar, which is derived from seaweed or another form of seaweed from Ireland called corrageen.

Woolworths has been contacted for comment.

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