Mum baffled after 8-year-old spends $3,300 on iTunes

Sarah Carty

There’s no secret that bringing up a child costs and arm and a leg.

Between nappies, milk, clothes and bottles when they’re born to school books, the latest new runners to hit the market and school trips when they’re older – keeping the little tykes kitted out is a constant hit to the credit card.

However, one mum found out the hard way that there are certain times when you get a very unexpected bill for your little one’s social activities.

A mum was left shocked when she opened up her credit card bill only to discover her daughter had spent $3,300 on it. Photo: Foxtel

In a Mamamia podcast, called This Glorious Mess, mum Liz revealed that she got the fright of her life when she opened up a letter from her bank and found out she owed a whopping $3,300 on her credit card for the month.

“We had given her the iTunes password and come the end of January, the end of school holidays, we get the American Express bill,” Liz said in the podcast.

She admitted that when she first saw it, she couldn’t believe her eyes and was trying to rack her brains to remember what she could have spent it on.

Then when she actually looked at the itemised bill, she realized that her precious eight-year-old daughter had been downloading add-ons for her online game.

“She was racking up like $150 at a time,” she said.

The little girl was logging on ad buying gems for her online game. Photo: Getty Images

“The transactions had been going on over the entire school holidays.”

Needless to say, her daughter was scolded and told to go play with something other than an iPhone or iPad for a long time after.

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