Mum saved by daughter after near-death allergic reaction to body lotion

Allison Yee

One woman was left struggling to breathe and forced to call on her teenage daughter for help after she suffered a severe allergic reaction to tanning body lotion

Gaynor Mallard, 36, was at a beauty salon when she applied the product named Black Onyx on her skin.

The mum-of-three, who suffers from a nut allergy, soon realised she was in trouble and raced home so she could have a shower, with her 14-year-old daughter Frankie quickly dialling for help.

Frankie was forced to call the ambulance after her mother collapsed. Photo: SWNS

“She’s got a nut allergy, she says she can’t breathe,” Frankie can be heard saying in a call to emergency services.

“Her whole body is red.

I don’t think she can breathe at all.”

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With Gaynor’s throat closing up and her body swelling like a “pufferfish”, she soon collapsed but was luckily later revived by paramedics.

The mum-of-three was lucky her daughter happened to be home during her allergic reaction. Photo: Facebook

Frankie, who was luckily home early from school as she was sick, has been awarded the Laverick Award from East Midlands Ambulance Service for keeping calm during the call.

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