Mum has miracle baby thanks to George Michael

Olivia Morris

George Michael made a woman’s dreams of becoming a mother come true after anonymously giving her $15,000.

Lynette Gillard had struggled for 13 years to have children and had spent over $76,000 on IVF treatments.

The late George Michael (pictured here in 2011) helped a woman to have a miracle baby by donating $15,000. Source: Getty
Lynette revealed her miracle story on UK chat show This Morning. Source: ITV

She shared her story when she appeared on a UK game show Deal Or No Deal in 2008, and the late singer, who was a massive fan of the show, decided he wanted to help.

“[George] rang in the next day when it had been aired to say that he wanted to donate some money to us,” Lynette explained on UK chat show This Morning.

The 38-year-old was able to take the money donated by the late singer and use it for another round of IVF but also for tests and other treatments to help her get pregnant.

The legendary singer (pictured here performing in 2008) passed away on Christmas Day last year but seems to have been watching over Lynette. Source: Getty
Lynette used the $15,000 George gave her for more treatments to help her get pregnant. Source: ITV

After another failed round of IVF treatment last August, Lynette fell pregnant completely naturally and found out she was on Christmas Day, the same day George passed away.

George was clearly watching over her as when she encountered some difficulties in her pregnancy suddenly one of his songs came on the radio after a hospital visit.

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Lynette gave birth to her miracle baby at the beginning of September. Source: ITV

Lynette gave birth to a healthy baby boy at the beginning of September Seth Logan George Hart with her partner and childhood friend Nathan.

George Michael is definitely an angel watching over this baby.

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