Mum whose family was turned into a cruel meme snaps back

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A mum-of-four who all suffer from a rare genetic deformity has hit out at a vile meme mocking her young children.

Bobbie-Jo Theriault said she was left ‘disgusted’ after seeing the “cruel and hurtful” post which featured an image of her family with the caption: ‘When you don’t learn from your mistakes’.

The 43-year-old was born with Crouzon Syndrome, which causes the head to become misshapen.

Her four children – oldest son Jayden, 14, and eight-year-old triplets Kaydence, Taylor and Kaylin – also suffer from the same condition and have endured a lifetime of surgeries.

A mum has hit back after her family were turned into a cruel internet meme. Photo: Caters News
Bobbie-Jo and all four of her children were born with Crouzon Syndrome. Photo: Caters News

The vicious meme was circulated on troll pages with thousands of followers before Bobbie-Jo contacted Facebook to report the content.

“When I saw it, I was so disgusted. They are just kids. I don’t know how people can do that kind of thing,” Bobbie-Jo, who lives with her children and husband Fredrick, in Florida, said.

“I just find it so hurtful.

“Nobody knows my story or my family’s story and yet they think it is ok to post this kind of thing.

“They know nothing about my kids.

“There are so many cruel people out there. Especially on the internet.

Bobbie-Jo can't believe how people can be so cruel to children they don't even know. Photo: Caters News

“They hide behind their keyboards. They would never say it to your face.”

Crouzon Syndrome is a genetic condition, caused by a mutation on a specific gene.

It can be passed on from parent to child but in many cases, develops randomly.

If one parent is affected, half of his or her children will inherit the condition.

Most children born with the condition will have surgery before they are 18-months-old.

Facebook has been contacted for comment.

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