Mum hits back after toddler shamed for 'suntan'

Allison Yee

A mum who was parent shamed after sharing a candid snap of her daughter on the beach says she’s shocked and upset to find the image was removed by Instagram.

Byron Bay mum Jordyn Jones, posted the picture of her daughter, Winter, to her 95,000 followers and was met with hurtful comments about her daughter’s skin and harsh criticisms towards her parenting.

“Have you heard of suncream? How about you start using it before your kid looks 40 at four,” one person posted.

Mum of two Jordyn was shocked when she began receiving hate over a photo of her daughter. Photo: Instagram/lifewithwinter

“Horrible mother,” said another.

Jordyn hit back with her own post, slamming trolls and saying "degrading comments about my children are not on".

The photo showed Winter playing at the beach. Photo: Instagram/lifewithwinter

"Woke up this morning to see my post had been removed from Instagram because more then a few people had reported it," she wrote on Instagram.

"I am disgusted at the thought that people who follow me Condone that ladies bullying and racist remarks. My child’s skin is beautiful, I take all necessary measures to ensure her skin is protected and I wake up every dam day striving to be the best mother possible.

The mum-of-two also shared another post, clarifying that Winter's olive skin was due to her Aboriginal heritage.

Jordyn hit back at trolls, saying Winter's skin was due to her Aboriginal heritage. Photo: Instagram/lifewithwinter

"Before anyone else comments on Winter’s skin. My mother’s side of the family is Aboriginal," Jordyn said on Instagram.

"Winter identifies as Aboriginal and she is blessed with her beautiful olive skin. Please refrain from messaging me with concerns regarding her skin. It is offensive and unwarranted. Winter is always lathered in Zinc… I should not have to justify my daughter being tanned. We live at the beach and I always ensure I take appropriate measures to care for her skin."

The Byron mum says she always makes sure her young children are covered in sunscreen and zinc. Photo: Instagram/lifewithwinter

While she's since taken to social media to thank those who have supported her, Jordyn admits she will be more mindful of what she shares online in the future.

"In regards to the photo I posted I can totally see both sides of the ballpark now," the mum revealed yesterday.

"I saw no problem with the photo I chose to post because there was no inappropriate parts showing, just Winters side profile. I just want to say though that I do respect even the people who have wrote into me disagreeing with my post but I thank you for going about it in a tasteful way and not shaming my child for her skin colour."

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