Mum’s amazing post-baby weight loss makeover

Kristine Tarbert

When Kashmir Jacobson had her baby girl she was the heaviest she’d ever been, after suffering from pre-eclampsia during the pregnancy.

The 26-year-old, from Victoria, had gained 22kgs while pregnant with her first child Evie.

But realising she would struggle to play with her little girl as she grows gave her the motivation she needed to lose 37kgs.

Kashmir Jacobson has completely transformed since having her baby. Photo: Instagram

“I was puffed getting up off the ground from sitting on the floor with her,” Kashmir told the Daily Mail.

Kashmir says she’d always been curvier and considered herself a “comfortable size 16”. And although she had a desire to wear a size 10-12, she lacked the will power to get there.

Although her and her husband tried to eat a healthy diet, they spent many weekends out with friends, enjoyed snack food and didn’t do much in the way of physical exercise.

Kashmir had gained 22kgs during her pregnancy. Photo: Instagram

“I would cook every night and have fruit and veg in the house, but snacks and eating out were a regular thing at the time which doesn't help at all when you aren't burning anything off,” she said.

She says for years she would avoid weighing herself, but it was a photo she saw on Facebook from her engagement celebrations that made her realise she was on a dangerous road.

Although she succeeded in losing some weight before her wedding, once pregnant she reached 115kgs before giving birth. But once Evie arrived the new mum was determined to change her habits.

The mum started walking the pram to lose weight. Photo: Instagram

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“I started walking with my daughter in her pram daily and then slowly built up to walking with her strapped onto me in a baby carrier,” Kashmir said.

“I then started walking stairs carrying her and closely watched what I was putting in my mouth.”

Kashmir has lost an incredible 37kgs. Photo: Instagram

Add a personal training session specifically for mums and bubs and a new gym membership and Kashmir was working out a few times a week.

She says she didn’t follow a strict meal plan but just focused on cooking low-calorie lunches. Now she meal preps a week's worth of healthy meals to stay on track.

Kashmir now meal preps to stay on track. Photo: Instagram

The mum is nearly unrecognisable after losing 37kgs in just over 12 months. She now weighs 70kgs and is finally wearing a size 10/12.

“Your life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change," she wrote on Instagram.

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