Pink hair and lipstick: why this mum lets her two-year-old experiment

Allison Yee

It’s something most of us do in our teens, but one mum is letting her daughter go wild with hair colour at just the age of two so she can express who she is.

With pink hair herself, tattoo artist Amy Lyn is all for inking and brightly coloured hair, and claims it’s “normal” for her toddler, BellaMae.

“The reason that I let her do this is because, one, she sees me with it and that’s her normal,” Amy explained in a Youtube video.

Amy is happy for BellaMae to change her appearance any way she wants. Photo: Instagram

“If she’s interested in brightly colored hair and tattoos all over her, great. I think she should express herself from a young age so when she’s older, she won’t have to waste any time trying to find out who she is, like many of us adults now do.

“I think we should learn who we are at a young age, so that we can live the rest of our lives the way that we want in a positive manner.”

It’s not just brightly hued hair Amy encourages.

With BellaMae's fascination starting with stickers she put on herself, Amy bought her daughter a pack of temporary tattoos – and it spiralled from there.

“She instantly fell in love with that,” said Amy.

Amy says pink hair is the norm for BellaMae, thanks to her own hair choices. Photo: Instagram

“She likes my lipstick, and I’ll let her wear lipstick a few days whenever she wants.

“So, I decided, Halloween’s coming up, and other girls she’s friends with and plays with were gonna do colored hair just for Halloween, and I had some leftover dye from myself.”

Amy is happy for BellaMae to choose whatever colour she wants next. Photo: Instagram

Amy uses a semi-permanent dye which doesn’t cause damage hair, first dying her daughter’s hair blue and then pink.

“I think she’ll be ready for a new colour whenever she decides,” said Amy. “I love that she wants to do that.”

Hoping it will encourage BellaMae to be who she wants to be, Amy admits her style of parenting isn’t for everyone.

“I think that other parents who don’t want to bother with hair colour in their children’s hair because they just don’t think they’re old enough to experience that kind of change is fine,” she says.

“But I think a different way and I would love to see who she becomes when she’s older.

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