Mum loses 42kg after theme park humiliation

Kim Reader

An obese mum who ate nearly 20,920 kilojoules a day was shamed into shedding 42kg in a year after a theme park allegedly slashed the price of her ticket because she was "too fat for the rides".

Rachel Finch, 28, couldn't wait to ride the world's fastest rollercoaster at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, UAE, on a family holiday in October 2015.

Rachel with a pair of her old trousers. Source: Caters News

But the mum-of-one, from Manchester in the UK, claims she was left red-faced when the ticket-seller told her she could have a discount because she wouldn't fit into any of the attractions.

Rachel was slim throughout her childhood but as soon as she got her own job at 16, she started using her own money to buy biscuits, chocolate and sweets which she would binge on in secret.

Secret binging in her teens led to weight gain. Source: Caters News

In two years, Rachel ballooned from a size 10 to a size 16 and by 2015 at her biggest, the 160cm midwifery student was a size 24, tipping the scales at 109kg.

The secret snacking Rachel started at college spiralled further out of control when she moved into her own home and she would hoard chips and biscuits and keep bags of lollies in her handbag as she didn't want any visitors to find her stash.

Single mum Rachel also turned to takeaways for lunch and dinner.

Before she knew it, Rachel was binging on up 20,129 kilojoules a day – more than three times the recommended daily intake – and her bulk started to seriously impact her health in 2014.

"In 2014 I started getting these awful pains in my chest. They were as bad as childbirth," Rachel said. "Eventually the doctors told me I had a hernia and gallstones. It's really unusual for someone so young to get gallstones. Basically the only thing that can cause it then is being so overweight."

"I had to have my gallbladder removed. It was a real shock knowing I'd put myself in danger. If a gallstone gets lodged in the entrance to your liver it can kill you.

"And it wasn't just my health that suffered. I always tried to tell myself that I was happy the way I was but it was a lie. I started skipping nights out and I worried about meeting new people.

"I couldn't speak to anyone without worrying that they were thinking 'Oh, she's so fat' and that put me off meeting anyone because I thought they would judge me and wouldn't want to be associated with someone so big."

Even so, it wasn't until her Ferrari World humiliation that Rachel was galvanised into action.

"I was on a family holiday in Abu Dhabi and we'd gone to Ferrari World. I had been so excited about going because they've got the fastest roller coaster in the world," Rachel said.

"We got there and we were buying our tickets to go in and the woman at the desk told me I was getting a discounted ticket.

"When I asked why she said it was because I wouldn't fit on any of the rides. I couldn't believe it, it was so humiliating. I spent the rest of the day so embarrassed."

Rachel at her heaviest. Source: Caters News

The mortifying conversation left Rachel nervous about another upcoming holiday she had planned for herself and son Isaac.

"I had a holiday to Disneyland booked with my son for March the next year and I was so worried they were going to have to tell me the same.

"Something had to change."

Rachel knew something had to change. Source: Caters News

Rachel joined UK diet club Slimming World three months later and adopted an entirely new lifestyle.

Rachel part way through her weight loss journey. Source: Caters News

"I started cooking, eating fruit and exercising," she explained. "By March I'd lost two stone and could go on all the rides with Isaac. Since then I've got down to 67kg."

Now, Rachel has managed to drop a whopping eight dress sizes in 12 months.

"[Losing weight] completely changed my life," Rachel said. "I started cooking, eating fruit and exercising.

"I feel great, I've got so much more energy and I never get ill."

Rachel now. Source: Caters News


BREAKFAST: A pack of four giant cookies (3146kj).

MORNING SNACK: A family packet of lollies (3075kj).

LUNCH: A jacket potato with beef chili and cheese (2464kj).

DINNER: Three portions of Domino's pepperoni twisted dough balls (6978kj) and four cookies (1389kj).

EVENING SNACK: Another family packet of lollies (3075kj).

TOTAL: 20129kj.


BREAKFAST: Greek yoghurt with banana and strawberries (1255kj).

MORNING SNACK: Apple (217kj).

LUNCH: An omelette and baked beans (1539kj).

DINNER: Zucchini bolognese (1033kj).

EVENING SNACK: One cookie (787kj).


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