Mum puts three-year-old 'up for sale'

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A worn-out mum has put her daughter up for sale after discovering the three-year-old had crept out of bed and caused chaos throughout the house – after she spent four hours cleaning it the day before.

Zoe Wales, 22, didn’t know ‘whether to laugh or cry’ when she walked through and saw the mess little Ivy Rose had made across three rooms.

The law student, who studies after Ivy Rose has gone to bed, woke up to find her newly cleaned bedroom strewn with toys, a bath full of freshly squeezed shower gel smeared round the tub and a living room full of books and snacks squished into the carpet.

Zoe put her daughter up for sale on Facebook. Photo: Caters

Completely frazzled by the mess, mum Zoe penned a hilarious ad offering her messy daughter for sale on social media inviting potential buyers to email her.

The ad reads: “Went to bed last night with a clean house and looking forward to being well rested. Fast forward to 10.30am today it looks like a bomb has gone off and my body is ready to go in shutdown mode.

“Due to this reason unfortunately I am having to sell my beloved Ivy Rose for the safety of the house lol.

“Ivy Rose is 3 years 10 months and house trained. She does have the occasional issue like waking you up at 4.30am for a ham sandwich.

Here's the full ad. Photo: Caters

“You will have to deal with the serious 13-year-old attitude that comes out of her little mouth.”

Mum-of-one Zoe says that despite her daughter’s sometimes sassy and messy ways she wouldn’t change her.

“Ivy Rose does have an answer for everything and sometimes I think ‘I can’t take this’.

“There aren’t many law students who will lose a fight with a three year old, but she’s amazing.

“She’s my everything, my world. As much as she can be a pain I wouldn’t change her for the world.”

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