Mum’s horror as twins are injured in shopping trolley accident

Bianca Soldani

A mum-of-three is warning parents to be extra careful with shopping trolleys after the one her twin boys were sitting in flipped while they were on a travelator.

Siobhan O’Brien’s sons Tommy and Teddy were trapped under the trolley in the terrifying incident, with one of them slicing his chin open.

The family were walking up to UK discount supermarket Asda, in Kent, when Siobhan turned her attention away from the trolley for a second to hold the hand of her older child.

While her back was turned, the trolley flipped upside down, leaving her to wrestle the heavy trolley off her two-year-old twins.

Siobhan was horrified to find her sons trapped under her overturned trolley. Photo: Caters

"The twins were sat in the seats in a double trolley,” Siobhan, 24, recounted.

"The trolley landed on top of them, so it was crushing them and I didn't have the strength on my own to lift it up with them still in it too.”

She had to sit the trolley upright again on her own as no one helped.

"I managed to drag them out from under it. But I had to rush as it was still moving up the travelator and I was scared of them getting more injuries,” she said.

"Tommy had fallen face first into the metal and the grooves of the travelator had sliced open his chin. Teddy hit the side of his face. They are very lucky it wasn't worse.”

The mum of three says she was following safety instructions at the time. Photo: Caters

Tommy was later taken to hospital where his chin was glued back together and the two tots were treated for concussion.

Siobhan says that nobody turned off the travelator and she had to request first aid and management to be sent over from Asda.

"I was very panicked. I was getting really angry. [Asda staff] weren't bothered,” she claims.

"There was no sign to say you can't have children on there [the travelator]. It just said not to put prams on there, which would be silly.

"I don't understand what's gone wrong. I just don't understand how it’s flipped. Everyone is really shocked and can't believe it. My family are mortified that there was no panic [from the staff].”

She was disappointed that no one immediately came to help her. Photo: Caters

Siobhan says that the security guard took his time to come over before asking, 'do you want a tissue?' and the mum then demanded a first aider and manager to help.

Asda have since been in touch with Siobhan and allegedly said that had found no faults with the trolley or the travelator and so could not explain why it happened.

However, she claims that they confirmed to her that she followed all of the safety signs.

An Asda spokesperson said, "We immediately carried out a thorough investigation into the matter and although the trolley and the travelator were found to be in correct working order, we're very sorry for the distress this accident has caused Mrs O'Brien and her children. We hope that Tommy and Teddy feel better soon."

With reporting by Caters News
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