Mum’s photo accidentally captures horrific discovery

Allison Yee

Warning: Graphic content

A peaceful walk in the woods near their home turned into a nightmare afternoon for mum Sarah Hair after she and her daughter stumbled across a gruesome discovery.

The British mum was happily taking photos of her five-year-old Amaya in the woods near their Dover home when her daughter happened across a bag.

The mother-daughter duo decided to look inside the bag – and were horrified by what was inside.

Sarah and Amaya's weekend stroll turned into a nightmare after they discovered something in the woods. Photo: Supplied

“I don’t know why we looked but we saw something burned,” Sarah told KentLive.

“We took a stick and looked inside and saw what looked like an animal inside. It was the size of a cat, or a large rabbit.”

Inside the bag - which had originally contained charcoal - lay a burned and decapitated animal.

Sarah took this photo of Amaya in Elms Vale Recreation Ground, unaware that a decapitated animal was in the frame. Photo: Supplied

Sarah admits she initially thought it was someone’s pet that had been dumped after attempts to cremate it.

However after posting photos of the find online, people began to speculate it was a case of animal cruelty.

The 35-year-old called police and the RSPCA to report the gruesome findings.

Luckily Sarah claims her young daughter didn't appear to be too affected by the incident.

“I just said to her, it had been someone’s pet who had passed away,” Sarah told KentLive.

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