Mum ‘saves money’ by breastfeeding five-year-old

Allison Yee

A mummy blogger has revealed how she is continuing to breastfeed her five-year-old daughter to save money - even though it’s causing friction with her husband, who wants her to stop.

British mum Sophie Mei Lan shares a bed with her two children, Jasmine, five and two-year-old Arianna every night so they can feed and then go back to sleep.

 “I don’t think there’s anything strange about feeding your children,” she told the Sun.

Mum-of-two Sophie is determined to feed her daughters until they want to stop. Photo: Instagram
The mum initially struggled with breastfeeding but now loves it. Photo: Instagram

“Breast milk is nourishing, soothing and it’s free. I must have saved thousands of pounds over the years.”

The 29-year-old admits she and her husband Chris don't see eye to eye on her decision, with her hubby claiming it makes her tired.

And the mum admits she can’t say "no" when her children want to feed.

Sophie's daughter Arianna calls it 'Mama Milk'. Photo: Instagram

“Whenever I try to get ready quickly, granted, Arianna will try to stop me in my tracks for urgent "Mama Milk"' she revealed in an Instagram post. She went on to say that without meaning to, she's been adopting an "attachment parenting" "gentle parenting" approach to parenting and family life.

Sophie is determined to keep feeding her daughters until they decide they’re ready to stop.

Sophie's husband Chris isn't a fan of her refusing to wean their daughters. Photo: Instagram

When Jasmine started school last year, Sophie told her daughter not many other children would still be breastfeeding – but Jasmine didn’t care.

Although Sophie says she doesn't care about people judging her parenting choices, she does get a reaction when she feeds Jasmine in public.

“People do stare. I feel a bit awkward,” she said.

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