Mum scared for safety after ghost terrorises her

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A mum has revealed how she feared for her safety while visiting the haunted Woolton Hall in the UK. Listen closely and you’ll know why.

Rebecca Palmer, 34, and her husband Sean Reynolds, 34, were exploring a 300-year-old country house when the mum-of-three claims she started to experience nausea and a burning sensation in her eyes.

“I got this horrible feeling as soon as we went into the building and as we climbed the stairs it was getting worse and worse,” Rebecca said.

“I had a knot in my stomach and felt really sick. At one point my eyes even started burning and I felt this pressure on my neck like something was trying to push me out.

“I was really scared. I have never felt anything like it. I remember even telling Sean that if it got any worse I was going to have to leave.”

Ghost hunters Rebecca and Sean explore the Freemason's hall. Photo: Caters News

Convinced an evil spirit was trying to get her to leave the spooky old property in Liverpool, Merseyside, Rebecca prayed for safety and placed a protective crystal bracelet on her wrist.

Enraged by the mum-of-three’s attempts to defend herself, the ghost then let out a ‘demonic’ snarl, which you can hear in the video above.

“I genuinely feared for my safety. I could tell there was some kind of negative presence around and I was worried it would try to take hold of me,” she explained.

“I said a little prayer for protection and I was so relieved when Andy, our cameraman, said he had some crystals I could wear.

“As soon as I put them on my wrist there was this awful sound like a demonic growl - growling is never a good sign in my opinion.”

When she put the protection crystals on the ghost growled. Photo: Caters News

The frightful encounter was all captured in spine-tingling footage by Sean and Rebecca, who were filming for their paranormal investigation series Ghost Dimension.

“When I first heard it I thought ‘I’m out of here’, I was close to quitting. It was really terrifying,” she said.

“This evil spirit was obviously not happy at all that I was trying to protect myself.”

After looking into Woolton Hall’s history as a meeting place for the Freemasons, Rebecca is certain the spiteful spook was a former member of the secret society determined to uphold the ‘no women’ rule.

They were at the Woolton Hall in the UK. Photo: Caters News

“It was only myself and our camera lady Jane who were being targeted by the ghost. It clearly had an issue with women,” she explained.

“As we got into the basement Jane wasn’t well at all. She turned white as a sheet and she was sick. She had to get out of there.”

Armed with the knowledge of reported hauntings, Sean and Rebecca set out to explore the historic hall last month - and the couple claim they were joined by multiple entities that night.

“We had absolutely no idea what to expect and as we investigated the second floor of the mansion, we could hear what sounded like running throughout the building,” husband Sean said.

“We started to follow the noises which appeared to be coming from the top floor, the same floor used in masonic meetings.

“As soon as Bex placed the crystal bracelet on her wrist we all heard the most terrifying growl, which was so clear we knew that something was very close by and appeared to be angered.”

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