Customer complains after mum breastfeeds in front of male co-worker

Jessica Ankomah

When Australian mum Sharayah Williams returned to work after the birth of her son, her workplace was incredibly supportive.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before head office was hit with a slew of customer complaints.

The new mom was seen breastfeeding in a public area amongst customers and colleagues, which was completely within her legal right — yet somehow, the nursing mom managed to rub shoppers the wrong way.

Sharayah Williams was hit with a slew of customer complaints when she breastfed her son at work. Photo: Facebook/Sharayah Williams

“Usually my husband, or whoever is caring for him at the time brings him for a feed — it’s generally only once a shift because that’s all I have time for,” the 23-year-old South Australian mom told Kidspot.

“There is no staff room or private area to feed, so I feed in the dining area where there are customers – as well as staff members. Anyway, I have a male co-worker, who I am also friends with, who has sometimes had conversations with me or sat across from me while I feed.”

Williams was comfortable in her routine until she was pulled aside by her manager who told her the company had received complaints claiming it was inappropriate for her to breastfeed in front of male colleague because she was married.

She said she was "outraged" and "incredibly angry" because she felt she was just doing the best for her 10-month-old son, Koda.

The mum from South Australia has previoulsy been shamed for breastfeeding at work. Photo: Facebook/Sharayah Williams

Fortunately, Williams said her boss was completely understanding, however it's not the first time she's been shamed on the job.

She also revealed that a few months ago she was working when a customer decided to approach the counter and tell her co-worker how disgusting it was that she was breastfeeding in the bathroom.

“My co-worker told her that she wouldn’t eat her lunch in the toilets and that they are all fine with me doing it and that was that," she said.

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