Mum threatens to invoice over birthday party no-shows

Allison Yee

One mum has ignited a firestorm of debate over party etiquette after revealing she’s planning to invoice her daughter’s friends for not showing up to her sweet 16th birthday.

Taking to online forum Mumsnet, the mum outlines how she’d been pinching her pennies to take her daughter and her friends paintballing for her birthday.

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“I have saved forever to do a fun and unusual activity for her ‘friendship group’,” revealed user agirlcalledmove.

“Invites [were] given out late July before school broke up. Reminder invites by instagram in August before deadline for paying deposit and ordering/paying for food.

No chance of a sweet 16 with this teen's mum up in arms over RSVPs. Photo: Getty

Going on to explain how she heard back from 10 of the 12 invitees, which was the minimum number required, the mum went ahead and put down a deposit.

However, the day before the event, the mum was hit by last-minute cancellations that left her seeing red.

“TONIGHT 3 people have told daughter they are not coming,” she fumed. “[Two] have yet to say yes or no.”

The mum explains how heartbroken her daughter will be at the news. Photo:

The furious mum then wonders whether she should “send a terse note to these families? And maybe an invoice?” with her post attracting hundreds of comments, with some believing it isn’t the fault of the parents.

“I think at 16 kids make their own social decisions, the parents aren't really actively involved,” wrote one.

Meanwhile, others wondered if the situation was due to her daughter being bullied.

“A similar thing happened to my daughter but in year 9, the girls were being b****y and doing it in purpose,” added another commenter.

The mum admitted she was afraid those who did RSVP wouldn't show either, and leave her daughter devastated. Photo: Getty

It’s something the furious mum thinks might sadly be the case.

“I think it unfortunately demonstrates her ‘friendship group's’ attitude to her,” she wrote.

“She is useful when people want her and dropped like a stone when they don’t. I rather suspect she wanted an activity that was ‘exotic’ and appealing that no-one else had done to try and ensure that people did actually come.”

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