New mum told 'you look like a whale'

Kristine Tarbert

Getting back into shape after having a baby – if that is something you want to do – isn’t easy. So imagine this mum’s shock when she shared her incredible progress photos online only to be labelled a ‘whale’.

Mum-of-three Amy, who has shared her post pregnancy journey with her Instagram followers after welcoming her third child in April 2017 has been left utterly shocked by some of the horrible comments left on her images.

She couldn't believe that people felt the need to comment on and judge a mother's body at any stage during or after a pregnancy.

‘You look like a whale’, ‘Were you really pregnant’ and ‘You are too skinny now! Eat a burger!’ were just some of many.

“Unfortunately, I’ve seen similar replies directed towards other mothers as well,” the 33-year-old wrote her Instagram account @fitness.fireball.

Mum Amy has shared her post pregnancy journey online. Photo: Instagram

“It hurts because so many of them came from women. Why?”

The fitness blogger based in Germany gave birth to baby Olivia in April 2017 and has since been sharing her progress with her 14,000 followers.

Working hard to get back into shape post pregnancy she even shared her weight and measurements throughout her journey, and posed in the same outfits.

Amy welcomed her third child last year. Photo: Instagram

Stunned by the mean comments, Amy said she didn’t understand why society – especially women – needed to continuously cast judgements.

“I feel our society is so off sometimes. If us mums don’t get back into shape after giving birth, we are lazy and don’t value our health,” she wrote.

“But then if we take action to get fit, we get shunned for getting back into shape too fast. ⠀

Why does it have to be either this or that?”

She says women should be more supportive not judgemental. Photo: Instagram

She stressed that no one should feel ashamed of either choice, and should take whatever actions they want to be happy after their transition to motherhood.

Thankfully there were plenty of positive and supportive comments on her feed as well.

“Total inspiration right here,” one person wrote.

“Looking great! Thanks so much for keeping it real and sharing,” another added.

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