Mum transforms garage sale fridge with $5 Kmart hack

Sarah Carty

A mum’s genius hack has gone viral online after she managed to completely transform a fridge she bought at a garage sale for just $5.

Gypsy Hughes, from Tamworth, took to the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook page to share her epic trick.

She posted photos of the plain white fridge before she worked her magic on it and then after photos which showed how she had made it into a glistening rose gold appliance.

A mum has transformed a garage sale with this hack. Photo: Facebok
She took a $5 roll of vinyl from the stationary section. Photo: Facebook

Her secret weapon was a roll of $5 adhesive vinyl from Kart, which can be found in the arts and crafts section.

The mum – plus two helpers – managed to wrap the adhesive perfectly around the whole fridge, completely changing the appearance of it.

“Upcycled a fridge I brought at a garage sale,” she wrote online.

“Rocking the rose gold.”

She admitted that it took about a day-and-a-half to complete and ripped off the freezer section vinyl and did it again because it had bubbles in it.

This is how it looked when she was done. Photo: Facebook
The vinyl is available from the stationary cupboard. Photo: Facebook

Her post has since been liked over 2,400 times, with over 155 people commenting asking her exactly how she did it.

“Wow that’s a truly amazing transformation. Well done, I never would even have thought about doing that,” one person commented.

“Looks great, you've got some serious contacting skills going on,” another person said.

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