The bizarre stolen baby photos trend sweeping the web

Sarah Carty

A mother has warned against a new trend sweeping Instagram, where strangers steal baby photos and modifying them.

The bizarre practice sees babies have their eyes lightened, freckles put on their skin and their eyelashes extende, with many people claiming they’re trying to make babies look “cuter”.

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One mum posted an image of her daughter, Jayden, to Instagram, where it has amassed a whopping 26,000 likes.

This girl was edited to make it appear like she has freckles. Photo: Instagram

However Caroline told Buzzfeed she couldn’t believe it when she saw edited versions of the image popping up on social media on random accounts.

"I've been tagged many times on the pic," Caroline toldBuzzfeed.

"When it turned out to be this big, I'm starting to think why they edited it and for what purpose."

Jayden’s photo isn’t the only one that’s been edited online, with accounts taking it upon themselves to totally change the appearance of many kids.

YouTuber Laila Loves took to Twitter to vent her anger about the bizarre trend.

“I'm SICK of seeing people edit pictures of babies to what they believe social media will find "cuter". She's beautiful with her brown eyes!,” she said.

People commented saying they couldn’t believe what they were seeing and questioned why people would ever do it.

“I would be really mad if somebody edited my child's pictures. wtf. it's kinda sick to want a child to look that different,” one person said.

“I find this so repugnant and disgusting,” another person said.

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