There's something very creepy about this Day of the Dead photo

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An innocent family photo has taken an eerie turn for this mum-of-four.

Looking back on a photo of herself holding her young son during a Day of the Dead party, Laura Clarke noticed something very odd; her son had three legs and she had three arms.

That's not right... Photo: Caters

Following a series of creepy experiences, Laura believes the unusual goings-on could be her late dad, Terry, who passed away shortly after her youngest son was born.

"Last year we had a 'day of the dead' party where you celebrate the life of loved ones who have passed,” she explains.

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"It wasn't until the next day when I was in bed with my husband that we were looking through them and he said 'there's something strange about that photo'.

Laura didn't notice the photo was weird until the next day. Photo: Caters

"When my daddy passed away, Theo was a couple of months old and the night that picture was taken he was talking about his grandad.

"Theo was the only grandson who never got to meet my daddy. I like to think this is one of his ways of letting us know he's here.”

This image isn't the only strange sighting at Laura's mum's home since the death of her father in 2014, but it has baffled her the most.

Laura and her family had been celebrating the Day of the Dead. Photo: Caters

A combination of supernatural reflections and shadowy faces have led the stay-at-home mum to question if the house is haunted.

"We had the party at my mum's house and there's been a lot of strange goings-on over the years.

"My sister used to talk about the man who lived in the attic and now my nephew talks about it too.”

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