Mum's desperation as son is hospitalised by bullies

Bianca Soldani

A devastated mum has taken to Facebook in desperation after her seven-year-old son had to undergo surgery following an attack by bullies.

Young Jak suffered horrific head injuries after he was slammed up against a metal pole by a group of kids who have been bullying him for months, his mum says.

In an impassioned Facebook post, she explains that Jak had to be hospitalised two weeks after the attack because his wound got infected.

Poor Jak had to undergo surgery. Photo: Facebook

The pain was so intense that the poor child spent his birthday sitting “in the toilet until his friends left his own party as the pain was so severe from his friends talking and laughing.”

He underwent surgery this week to drain the pus and a blood clot that had formed as a result of his injury, and is now being delivered painkillers and antibiotics via a drip.

After watching her son go through all this, Laney is furious that more hadn’t been done to prevent the bullying.

He was hospitalised two weeks after being attacked. Photo: Facebook

This incident was by no means the first, and her son had previously been “whipped with skipping ropes, stabbed with a pencil, scratched, punched, called names, stabbed with paper clips, hit around the face with a tennis racket”, she says

She adds that the same bullies have also “jumped on my son’s head”.

Local police in the UK are now working with the school and families involved to get to the bottom of the matter, but Laney blames the school, which has also since launched an internal investigation.

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In the meantime, she’s using her Facebook page “Justice For Jak” to warn other parents that, “we need to stand up to bullies, Pull together and make a change! Teach our children to be kind, teach our children to speak up.”

Laney set up a Facebook page to raise awareness.

A kind-hearted stranger who has never met the family, saw the Facebook posts and set up a crowd-funding page to raise money for a second birthday party for Jak.

The initiative has already raised over AU$2,000, which is more than double the original target, while other people have offered to send cards to Jak while he’s in hospital.

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