Mum's epic hairstyling fail

Aletha Wilkinson

A well-meaning mum's best intentions fell hilariously – and her daughter let the whole world know about it.

Hanna De Castro, from Houston in the US, recently tweeted a picture of her mother's hairstyling fail.

Um. We don't know think 'half pony' means what you think it means. Source: Twitter

Pro tip: a "half up half down" hairstyle is supposed to involve the top half of the hair (up) and the bottom (down).

We Googled 'half up half down hair' and got this. Source: Screenshot

Not, as Hannah's mum thought it was, two different sides of the head.

Twitter loved it, and it turns out Hannah's mum isn't alone in her mistaken understand of this hairdo basic.

In fact, there are quite a few parents out there whose strong suit is most definitely not styling hair.

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