Mum's scathing note to 'rubbish father' goes viral

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A frustrated mum has taken to Facebook to call out the father of her two children who she claims won’t pay child maintenance.

The blogger, who goes by the name ‘Single Mum Still Standing’ took to her social media as a last resort, to convince her kids’ ‘rubbish father’ to pay his way.

“Any child maintenance payments made by you to me do not pay for my holidays,” the mum started the post.

“I don’t use YOUR money to pay for my clothes, and your payments certainly don’t fund my minor prosecco addiction.

“Let me spell this out for you – any money you pay to help with the raising of our children goes directly to our children. I’ve got two jobs to fund my own lifestyle and pay for our children. It’s a simple concept you don’t seem to be able to grasp.”

The mum went on to list off all the things the child maintenance payments cover, including her mortgage so she can put a roof over their children’s heads, putting clothes on their kids’ backs, laundry powder to wash the clothes and purchasing school uniforms.

The money also goes towards swimming lessons, football coaching and birthday parties.

A mum has uploaded a screenshot of the money she spent on shoes for her kids after blasting their ‘rubbish father’ in a scathing Facebook post. Photo: Facebook/Single Mum Still Standing

“It also buys the birthday presents, and thank god I do, because on our daughter’s fifth birthday, despite having her for two hours after school, you didn’t give her yet one single present,” the clearly miffed mum wrote.

“Your money helps to keep our children in Clarks shoes, because their feet blister if I buy anything cheaper.

“It pays towards childcare, or did you think nursery was free when I used it one day a week so I could work? Do you think after-school clubs are free?

“You see I spend pretty much every penny I earn on our children.”

The mum went on to blast her children’s father for reportedly holding back money from her and refusing t answer her letters about it.

“So, if you’re wondering why I’ve resorted to this, that is why. If only you would treat me like a human being and actually have a conversation with me about our children’s needs,” she said.

The mum claims she had to resort to writing the note on Facebook to try to convince the dad to pay his way. Photo: Getty Images

“No matter what happened between you and the woman you once loved enough to father two children with, you still have a financial responsibility towards your children.

“Dear father who won’t pay child support, you’re useless and I don’t know how you live with yourself.

“All I know is that I am trying to provide a life which is similar to what they would have had if you and I had not split up.

“It’s not their fault we couldn’t live together.

“You failing to pay is just another parenting fail.

“It’s just as bad as failing to turn up to our son’s Christmas play after promising him you would be there.

“It’s on a par with refusing to take our son to his much-loved football on YOUR weekends, it’s just like making our daughter stop her dance class on the day you have her. The list goes on.

“I don’t expect you to do the right thing. You are a rubbish father. Luckily, they have me.”

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