Mums start FREE rival Facebook group after 'pay to join' outrage

Aletha Wilkinson

As members of the "Mums The Word" Facebook group grapple with its founder's request for a one-off $10 membership fee, a counter group has sprung up run by a member.

The new "Mums Advice - Free" group is already closing in on 1,000 members less than 24 hours after it was launched.

It was created in response to a controversial post by Carly Abrahams, the founder of "Mums The Word", in which she requested a $10 payment from each member of her 25,000-strong group.

"Although when I started this group it was just to help a few mums out, I didn’t foresee what it would become and is today and like everything there are costs," Carly wrote.

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Mums across Australia have found themselves embroiled in an online stoush over membership fees for Facebook groups. Source: Getty

"So as we begin this new year, with helpful feedback from so many of you, I have made the decision that there will now be a ONE OFF $10 membership fee for all members of the group."

As controversy around the post gathered momentum, one member decided to take matters into her own hands and create a new group entirely.

"I just started it so mums who were on another group and not wanting or willing to pay their new fee could come together and support each other at no cost," the founder of "Mums Advice - Free", Kelly Henderson, told Be.

"I didn’t do it to start any drama or bag anyone else’s group, but just so there is a free platform that they can be a part of."

The new Facebook group hopes to steer clear of

With 870 members at the time of publication, the new group is a fledgling entity by comparison to "Mums The Word", but its key offering is, of course, the fact that membership won't cost a cent.

"It’s a place for mums like me, and probably you, to ask questions about kids, life & help each other out with concerns when needed," Kelly said.

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